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Frontal? No thanks!

Say goodbye to traditional frontal presentations at XPOMET! Our interactive format encourages active participation from all attendees. Join us for an event where every voice matters and interaction drives innovation.

Understand. Learn. Design.

From keynote speeches to hands-on workshops, our diverse program empowers attendees to deepen their understanding of healthcare trends, technologies, and best practices. Join us to expand your expertise and drive innovation forward.

Networking at Its Finest

At XPOMET, we prioritize creating lasting connections. Through interactive sessions, matchmaking, and diverse networking events, we foster genuine relationships among healthcare professionals.

What is XPOMET?

XPOMET © Medicinale is an international, interactive, health-tech convention. The "Numero uno" event kicked off in Leipzig in 2018 and sent shockwaves through the healthcare industry. After an electrifying XPOMET 2019 in Berlin, we're back for XPOMET 2024 at Congress Center Leipzig (CCL).

Our mission is simple to create positive change and initiate activities that make healthcare better for everyone, everywhere

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What's new?

With 2500 participants, 70 world-class speakers, and over 100 industry partners, XPOMET 2024 is the place to be, if you want to meet, collaborate, and make a real impact in the world of healthcare. Whether you're looking for inspiration, new ideas, or simply the chance to network with like-minded professionals from across the globe, XPOMET has got you covered.



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Who Attends?

Experts from all over the world come together to share their experiences and ideas and to inspire.






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XPOMET© Medicinale is the largest interactive HealthTech convention in Europe.

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